Hello everyone!

Time for a HUGE status update on the state of the community. Lots to cover, so let’s get right to it.

Website overhaul.

As you may have noticed, the website has undergone some major changes. The layout and page format is mostly the same, but the biggest change is the theming and the front page.

We ran into a major issue with our previous theme, and as a result, I was forced to change. Quite honestly, I’m loving the new look, and hope you are, too!

Our front page has received some special treatment as well. We have removed the Minecraft status indicators. This has been replaced with our Discord server (more on this below!). We have bots actively monitoring our Minecraft servers. If you see the Infinity bot, for example, online and ‘playing Minecraft’, then that means the Infinity server is online!

The profile/login widget has received some changes, as well. Well, really, just one change – it now displays your Coin balance! (More on this below!)

The front page has also received a change to the menu layout. The goal here is to make it easier for readers to sort and find articles. And, again, more on this below!

The forums has remained mostly untouched in terms of layout, but it does have new features!

Forum changes.

The two biggest changes to the forums is the theme and the information displayed in the user sections on posts.

The theme was changed in favor of having user information displayed to the left of a post/reply rather than on top. This is in-line with traditional forum layouts.

User sections also display ranks and coin balances now as well!

Community content.

Our front page and article publication system is getting some much needed love.

First of all, we have a staff member in charge of reaching out to community members and recruiting them as content creators. This content creator position is open to anyone in our community who has a passion for writing articles, streaming games, and making YouTube content related to games.

If you’re a content creator, or you dream to be one, then just reach out to us! We will provide you with your very own article section on our website where you can post and curate articles. These articles and content will be auto-magically published on our front page, on our Twitter and on our Facebook, giving you sweet sweet publicity.

New community ranks.

A new rank system has been implemented! Details are covered here!

Community Discord.

We now have an official Rebirth Gaming Discord! Just click ‘Join Server’ on the Discord widget.

Not only will this be a public place for community members to share images, links, and to chat with each other, but it will also be an EXTREMELY useful tool for our Minecraft players and our staff members.

Our Discord is running a bot for each Minecraft server we run. These bots are super awesome. They can do things like tell us if a Minecraft server is online, how many players are online… it can tell staff members and moderators if a server is lagging or not, it can perform console commands, allowing trusted staff members to perform simple reboots in emergency situations right from the Discord app. The best feature is the HELP channel! Our Minecraft servers will have a dedicated chat channel where players can ask for help. Simply talking in this help channel will ping any and all staff members who are online on Discord, prompting rapid response from our wonderful staff team to ensure you get the help you need.


When you logged into the website, you may have noticed something on your profile called Coins. Yes, YOU’RE RICH! Well, ok, not really.

So, what are Coins? It’s our latest addition to the community. It’s a community-wide point system, designed to encourage and reward community members for participation in and loyalty to our community.

You can earn Coins for doing things like logging in, visiting pages on our site, posting on our forums, replying to threads, commenting on articles, watching videos posted by other content creators on our site, and yes, even by playing on our Minecraft servers!

That’s right. We have implemented Coins onto our Minecraft servers. Players will be able to earn Coins on our servers and use them to buy things like chunk claims, pets, unique titles, diamonds, goodies and more.


That just about covers it! More features are coming your way, so stay tuned.

And of course, if you have any feedback, concerns, issues or suggestions, post them on our forums!

>>> Special shoutouts to Randommuser of /r/guildwars2 and Aralicia of the GW2 Discord for assisting me with CSS and Discord bot issues!