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Tradewinds Beta Information - READ ME FIRST!

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February 10, 2016
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February 12, 2016 - 3:04 am
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Current Version: Beta V31

Search "Tradewinds" in the Technic Launcher

Forge version 1614

Server: Included in the pack, just connect.

Teamspeak: ts3.rebirthgaming.org (look for Tim)

Discord: https://discord.gg/wSDZZGb


Welcome to the Tradewinds BETA!

This is an information thread aimed at outlining current progress, future development, and most importantly, how YOU can help!


What is Tradewinds?

Tradewinds is a modpack we at Rebirth Gaming starting developing out of inspiration from MMOs such as ArcheAge, Black Desert and Tibia, while maintaining the nature and core feeling Minecraft has to offer.

We wanted a modpack that featured old timey themes, trading, bartering and resource management.

With our combined expertise with modpack creation, mod development, graphic & model design, structure & in-game building, and server management, we feel confident in delivering an incredible experience for our players.


The Scope

Tradewinds will rely on several gameplay mechanics, elements and ideologies to fulfill its purpose.



This is the most important aspect of the modpack. Every design decision, every Minetweaker script and every configuration change is done with this one thing in mind - FORCE players to need to trade with NPCs, other players and other methods.

Trading in this modpack is 3-pronged.

NPC trading - this is through trading with both random NPCs and custom shop NPCs. We will utilize mods such as Millenare, CustomNPCs, custom villager trades and Recurrent Complex to generate plenty of options for players to trade, both random and controlled.

Player trading - Simply coordinate with players to trade resources for other resources or for money. This will be heavily emphasized by our world's unique resource distribution methods, described further down.

Tradecraft - This is a modpack specific mod we are developing. It adds a trade system similar to ArcheAge. You, as a player, will be able to interact with Tradepack Crafting Stations throughout the world to craft a tradepack. This tradepack will require specific ingredients, which are defined by the map makers. Tradepack Crafting Stations will require resources unique to its surroundings - stations in deserts, for example, may require sand and oil. When crafted, the tradepack is forcefully equipped to your chest slot. You must then deliver the tradepack to any Tradepack Delivery Station throughout the world, which are placed by map makers. The further you travel, the more money you earn for the tradepack.

The currency earned from the various methods above will be the primary currency of this modpack, and will be essential for certain progression stages and purchasing some vehicles and modes of transportation, such as boats that can carry multiple tradepacks, or for purchasing licenses that are a crafting component for machines like tunnel bores.


Resource Distribution

This modpack's world generation has been highly tweaked and highly configured to force a distribution of materials which are unique to certain locations in the world. For example, gold ore has been restricted to hills and mountain biomes. Coal, which comes in 4 stages (and each stage required for different operations), are found in different parts of the world - brown coal, which is a low tier coal, is found everywhere, but coal, which is required to make coal coke and thus stronger metal smelting, can only be found in hills and mountains. Diamond ore is also found in unique geological formations known as kimberlite pipes. Certain biomes also have restrictions on what kind of plants grow and animals are found - trees wont be able to survive in deserts, penguins are found only in cold climates, deer are only in forests, etc.  

This modpack will aim to properly distribute resources in a favorable manner so that all biomes have a distinct advantage and disadvantage, giving more reason to travel and trade for the things you need.


Old Timey

This modpack will be set in an old-timey era. No high tech stuff. No super magical stuff.

Tech progression will go as follows - manual labor/hired NPCs > kinetic energy, such as clockwork > steam power > RF powered stuff via mods like Immersive Engineering and Railcraft. That's as 'high tech' as it gets. 

Also, magic in this modpack will be 'soft' magic, which means I don't plan to add any super big magic mods that add entire progression systems like Botania or Thaumcraft. 

Examples of magic mods that are more fitting for this modpack are Reliquary, Relics, JewelryCraft, Brewcraft, and other mods that enhance Minecraft's vanilla magic (like enchanting and brewing)


How You Can Help!

Over the past few months, I have done extensive work on world gen, mod configuration, bug reporting and fixing, and much more. However, this modpack is no where near completed. I have simply laid out the skeleton structure of the mod. I plan to do extensive Minetweaking, enforcing progression, and eventually building the final map for our server.  

A lot of the map making can be done with mods, like Recurrent Complex, leaving us to only need to build specific main cities and trading routes.

So, from you as a beta tester, here is what needs to be done:

- Build structures to be randomly generated by Recurrent Complex. Ruins, small houses, small/medium dungeons, and overall interesting structures.

- Mod compatibility testing. This pack has a lot of mods I have honestly barely touched, and I don't have enough time to play through each and every one. So, I need people to just play with the mods and take extensive notes on issues with cross mod interaction, bugs, compatibility (like using steam across different mods), and more.

- Mod balance and progression. In order to force players to trade, this pack needs progression. Ideally, I want players to specialize in certain 'trades', like focusing on being a blacksmith vs a fisherman. We need to define progression lines/tech trees for each 'trade'. This will help give players a need to trade.

- Bug finding. Everyone is gonna run into bugs, but I need people who know how to do extensive bug finding AND reporting. It's very important that we find bugs now, and that we know how they are caused, how to replicate them, and what's causing them. I will then relay these bugs to their respective developers so that they can hopefully be fixed before we publicize this modpack. BONUS POINTS if you're a modder and know how to submit PRs on git. If we can fix these bugs ourselves, that's even better!

- Feedback and ideas. Are you a D&D dungeon master? Do you like writing lore and creating stuff? You can most certainly help then. I'm totally open to ideas for just about anything, as long as it fits in with the overall purpose and 'feel' of this modpack.





You can also follow development notes, comments and progress over on the FTB thread:



Current contributors:


@Kompy - Development lead

@Detective Murica - Mod developer

@sabbo2001 - Solder configuration

@Kingzan - Beta tester



Forum Posts: 108
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February 10, 2016
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August 25, 2016 - 10:55 am
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The World


This section will cover all topics surrounding the world, the world-state, and world generation.

Tradewinds will be an 'unusual' modpack, in that it heavily depends on a static world on a dedicated server. Unlike most modpacks, Tradewinds will NOT feature a single player mode, nor will it 'work' on servers other than the official server.

I mean, you *can* play single player, and you *can* download the modpack and host your own server, but the core content and map is only being developed for the official server.

Think of MMOs. The events and content placed on MMO servers such as Runescape, WoW, etc is unique to the official servers. If people host unofficial servers for those games, then they will lack the content that's exclusive to the official servers. Same thing here.

To accomplish this, we gotta do some stuff. There's issues that are commonplace among long-term servers, and we gotta do some stuff to fix that, too.





Yep. There it is. Those black spots? Those are just biomes AMIDST didn't recognize, that's all.

We're also using RTG to produce some stellar looking landscapes. Check it out:

View post on imgur.com

" width="884" height="483" />


View post on imgur.com

" width="885" height="493" />



We're using a static map. That means no map resets. Ever. (The exception is for the beta server - there will be countless resets. But the final map will be final) The world is yours and everyone else's to explore, modify and change. Terraform. Destroy. Build. It's all dynamic based on you, the player, and us, the map makers.

"But, what about resources? Quarries? Bores? Things that can dig giant holes in the world?"

Nope. None of that will be possible. Quarries and the like aren't even in this modpack. Creating giant holes in the world with a single machine won't be possible. We do, however, have tunnel bores from Railcraft, but those come with their own limitations and will be end-game machines.

As for mining in the world - block breaking is very resistant. First of all, there's no stone in the world. In fact, the entire geology of the world has been revamped. Instead, you will find resources such as limestone and shale, which are still usable in recipes that require stone, but are much tougher variations of stone. Second, correct tool usage is enforced. Want to mine a block of shale with a wooden pickaxe? Sorry, can't. Want to punch stone with your fist? Well, you can, but it'll take a while, and it hurts. Ouch.

Don't worry- this isn't Terrafirmacraft-levels of difficult. It's just forced progression. The goal here is to make resource gathering more rewarding, not frustrating.

Because of this, the world will be resistant to rapid destruction and change, giving our static world a much longer lifespan.



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