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Known bugs and issues, and todo list
Read this before submitting bug reports.

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February 10, 2016
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February 12, 2016 - 9:41 pm
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Brewcraft potions cause client fatal error. No impact to server.

Using a BB knife in a crafting table to make stuff like leather strips causes the knife to drop onto the floor and dupes the knife. Known issue with BB.

P:R IC Gates cause crash/DC http://rebirthgaming.org/forum/tradewinds/35/

Viewing Ancient Warfare research table with Adjacent Inventory active/checked causes client crash (when items are actually pulled from chest)



Early game progression is too hard. This is due to some recipes misalignment, and issues with certain resources

BetterBeginnings doesn't use ore dictionary values. Causes a lot of recipe issues. BB will be getting minetweaker support, but until then, let me know of these issues and I'll try adding workarounds. When BB gets MT support, Ill overhaul recipes to be more including of other mod variants of materials.

Torches emit heat. Gonna disable that

Sheep drop 3 types of mutton. Should only be Pam's. Gonna disable Gany's and Zulu

Cutting grass with the flint knife doesn't use durability

Flour recipe overrides seeds from wheat. This is due to Forestry. Will consider an alternate recipe - perhaps a method to mash wheat into flour.

No recipe for some decorative blocks such as granite bricks. Overridden by stone brick recipe due to current BB recipe issues - will be reverted after BB gets MT support.

Fruit trees and birch trees entirely chopped down by axe. Some oak trees and most other trees not.

Kimberlite veins are too easy to find, along with some other resource balance issues with SGU. I've asked the developer to implement configs to have more control over resources.

Large rivers are misleading - still got some fine tuning to do with CC to get true continents with oceans.

BB doesn't use ore dictionary values. BB also doesn't have MT support yet. This will cause a lot of issues with recipes early on, but WILL be fixed once MT3 support is implemented.

Baby dragons. Removing those. Really need to remove dragons. Like, now. And ensure their drops or something can still be obtained.

Enviromine hydration and body temp still seems a bit too harsh. I intend to make hydration tick down slower, and body temp to only be affected more by extreme climates, like deserts and snow biomes.

Ok, so punching stone doesn't drop sharp rocks. This is part of the BB/MT2 early game misalignment. http://rebirthgaming.org/forum/tradewinds/30/  --- The fix for this is to add recipes to get sharp rocks so we don't have to break our fists trying to get them.



FTBUtils will be added (why did I put this here?)



Configure Enviromine temperatures per-climate. Only extreme climates (hot/cold like tundras and deserts) should have heavy temp effects. Everything else should be manageable.

Ensure torches dont give off heat

Configure armor for Enviromine temps. Make heavy armor a tad warm, but not sweltering. Falling meteor armor though....

Modify the UI. Less clutter. Modify the temp and thirst UI elements within enviromine.jar

Fix beaches - something causes major frame lag due to high entity counts

Ensure early game survival progression is properly aligned and intuitive.

Ensure everything drops bones. Except bats

Steel production needs an overhaul. Coal coke is required and thus coke ovens. IE blast furnaces should be most efficient, produce slag byproduct

Death overhaul amulets and rings - enchant table method

Project:Red needs some looking-at. Do we need blupower and frames? Probably not. Logic gates? Perhaps so. Fluff needs to be removed.

Turn off MF2 spider webs

Reduce meteor fall rate


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February 10, 2016
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December 26, 2016 - 12:17 am
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Recurrent Complex info page.


This is a page of info regarding the Complex design of Tradewinds.  

The word Complex refers to any hand built structure. 

There are THREE primary categories of Complexes:

1) City and town. These are, as the name implies, any city, town or other functional part of the Tradewinds map created by the map makers.

2) Static dungeons and features. These are any complex which serves as an exploration feature of the world. Dungeons are typically functional, including monsters and loot. Dungeons may also be exploration features that lead to some sort of useful object, objective, location or point of interest. Static dungeons and features are usually created by map makers with a very specific use, such as a key location for a quest, a trade route, or NPC.

3) Randomized dungeons and features. These are any complex which are generated randomly from a list of active structures via the Recurrent Complex mod. Random structures never serve a specialized function, and contain generic use loot, features and monsters. They may also be randomized world features that serve little to no purpose other than as scenery or world flavor.


MyTown2 usage:

MyTown will be utilized to mark, name and control parameters of various complexes throughout the world.

MyTown will NEVER be used to mark or name Randomized complexes (#3).

MyTown will be used case by case to mark and control the parameters of Static dungeons and features, such as ensuring a quest-related dungeon can't be destroyed or modified by players. MyTown will also be used to mark/name Static dungeons and features in order to provide players with a quick tooltip of info about the dungeon/complex they are at. For example, most Static dungeons will include chat-info that states if the Complex is PvP enabled, the name of the dungeon, and if Modification of the dungeon is allowed.  

MyTown will always be used to mark and set parameters of Cities, towns and outposts. The most important is marking the name of this Complex type, so that players entering a city, for example, will know the name of the city. MyTown will also be used for large cities to control and define various City districts (City district system will be outlined and explained in the future as this concept is still WIP)


Random complexes (as added to the world via RC during world gen) will follow these rules:

5 categories and 2 sizes

Generic - these are generic complexes that can occur anywhere in the world, and don't have a specific theme or usage.

Biome - Any complex that should be limited to a specific biome or climate (IE, biome = desert, climate = any hot biome)

End - These are complexes specifically THEMED after the End. Remember, there is no END in Tradewinds, and End complexes serve as a method to bring End elements and materials to the overworld.

Nether - These are complexes specifically THEMED after the Nether. There will be a Nether dimension in Tradewinds, but extremely limited, and used as a palette for map making. These complexes serve as a method to bring Nether elements and materials to the overworld.

Profession - Complexes that are themed after specific trade skills (professions). For example, a random structure that's a beekeeper's hut, with bee loot.


Each complex type will come in 2 sizes, Large and Small. Large are functional random complexes that contain loot and/or offer some kind of exploration element. Small complexes serve little to no purpose other than as world features to add flavor, and at most will be used by players to destroy and collect materials from. These sizes don't refer to the physical size of the structure, but rather the usefulness they provide to players.

Naming these complexes when exporting them after completion will follow this format:


For example, a large End dungeon will be named EndL1, EndL2, etc. The numbers just represent the order they were saved.


We were provided with several RC blueprint files. These require modification and renaming. Below is a list of the ORIGINALNAME / NEWNAME / INFO conversions.

arena2 / this blueprint is unused, no plan to use it at this time


Forum Posts: 108
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February 10, 2016
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May 16, 2017 - 4:13 pm
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AW Town Halls should not be crafted. Instead, fixed locations. Worker contracts bought from NPCs only.

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