(Note that much of our website is still under construction, including this page!)

Rebirth Gaming started in 2013, founded by a group of online friends. Our vision was simple – to provide gamers with a community driven platform to enhance their experience.

We wanted to provide ourselves and others with resources and public facing touch points that enhance a gamer’s experience, allows them to meet other like-minded gamers and to just all around have fun.

Since Rebirth’s inception, we have created (and discontinued) several community-driven services and resources, ranging from game servers to social presence.

Today, our major touch points are our website, forums, Teamspeak, Discord, Steam community, YouTube channel, Twitch channel and our Minecraft servers. We also have a presence in article publishing, allowing content creators to utilize our website, YouTube, Twitch and our social platforms to publish and promote videos, streams and articles.

We will continue providing the public with useful resources and fun game servers.

Game on!