I would like to formally introduce myself to everyone new and old. My name is Coty, or some of you may already know me as, Kurayn. Let me begin by saying hello and welcome to Rebirth Gaming!  I am one of the co-founders of our community, as well as one of our leading staff members. To understand what my position is with Rebirth Gaming, as well as what I hope for us to become, we’ll have to start at the beginning of everything.

We have come a long way since the community was founded in December 2013. When we first started out, we were running a small Big Dig server and had a small TeamSpeak. At that time our community was only 5 members: Tim (Soupypoop), Ozrow0, Suss, Coolmanz (DetectiveAmerica), and myself. We all came from another community to form a place that people could just have fun playing games. This is our ultimate goal: “a place for gamers made by gamers”.

Following this ideal we slowly began to grow by expanding our player base and adding some staff and members along the way. Over the last 3 years, we have gained experience as well as hit a few speedbumps. We lost a few members, but despite this loss we also picked up a few key members who are part of the senior staff today. These staff members have helped us in places we were lacking. With our history and what we have learned, as well as the knowledge and expertise of the staff we have picked up along the way, I feel we are finally moving in the direction we originally envisioned for our community.

Over the past few months, we have switched over to a new server box as well as revamped our website and forums.  Our staff has done a great job of getting all of our servers and forums to a place that is advantageous to our community. We have a staff that is dedicated to what we originally wanted for our ideal collective, as well as motivated to accomplish our goals.

With how we are currently organized, I find myself falling into a new territory that I haven’t been in before. Over the past 3 years, I have been in the roles that have included: server admin, moderator, Minecraft admin. I even tried my hand at streaming and content creation. While being capable to performing these jobs, we have found staff that is better suited to fill these roles. I now find myself a puzzle piece that best fits into a management position that allows me to view our community and the big picture by removing myself from these roles. I will be taking a role that focuses on what our goals are and making the big decisions necessary for us to achieve them.

I have spoken with our current staff and we have set up a few short term goals for us to aim for.

  • To setup and getting our Rebirth Minecraft server up and running.
  • Increase our community numbers
  • Establish Head admins for all of the servers
  • Increase our forum traffic by introducing more contests as well as community made content

So to wrap up this long winded rant I have compiled here. I would like to thank you all for coming here and joining us, and if there is anything you would like to do to help us accomplish what we are standing for, please feel free to get a hold of me or start a forum post. I am more than happy to help. So once again, thank you and welcome to Rebirth Gaming!